• This is a comedy from Jim Abrahams, spoofing Top Gun in which unstable fighter pilot Topper Harley (Charlie Sheen) tries to complete his mission of destroying the Iraqi dictator's nuclear plants.

    It's non-stop laughs from start to finish, from unending gags to hilarious spoofs of movies such as Top Gun, Superman and Gone with the Wind. The acting was great, each character delivering funny performances that made the plot entertaining and engaging. I especially liked Lloyd Bridge's clueless and comedic performance as the incompetent Adm. Thomas Benson.

    This movie is not so much dumb as is pure fun and entertainment, as all the characters acted seriously on their "missions." The film has a fast-paced plot and story nonetheless, despite all the spoofed humor. It's a great comedy - ranking up there with the Naked Gun and Airplane films!

    Grade A