• Warning: Spoilers
    "Harlan - Im Schatten von Jud Süss" is a German-language 100-minute movie from 8 years ago. It is probably the most known work by writer and director Felix Moeller. The topic here is the title character: Veit Harlan, a German filmmaker during the days of Nazi German back in the 1930s and 1940s. What Leni Riefenstahl was for documentaries is what Harlan was to fiction films and probably in an even more serious way as he is the filmmaker behind the most infamous Nazi propaganda movie "Jud Süß" that was ordered by the German government in their attempts to make Jews look like the evil guys in order to push their ways of killing millions of Jews in concentration camps and get the support from the people for their genocide.

    In this documentary here, we find out mostly how Harlan's children and grandchildren see their ancestor today with all they know about him. Some are critical and put the blame on him, some seek to justify, other prepare not to say a whole lot at all. Overall this was a pretty good documentary that is worth seeing for everybody with an interest in the years of Nazi Germany. I believe, however, it is absolutely essential to be aware who Veit Harlan is and you probably either should have seen "Jud Süß" to understand the context or at least know a lot about the film. The scenes from the movie in this documentary help for sure, but I don't think they are sufficient to help people understand the context completely if they are not aware with the film "Jud Süß" or the director Veit Harlan. But then again, why would they this documentary if they don't care about the subject. I personally enjoyed this more than the Tobias Moretti movie as it is so close to Harlan's family and their insights add a lot more than any expert could due to their family history background. A well-crafted work. Go see it.