• Warning: Spoilers
    You will see many reviews by movie critics that are too negative and many reviews by fanboys that are too positive. I'll try to look at this movie from the point of view of a long time Warcraft player as well as someone who might be unfamiliar with the source material.

    The movie is edited badly, there is no real sense of time lapse in it. The characters are all over the world within minutes between each scene and it causes an unrealistic presentation of how large the world actually is and how fast these characters can travel from one place to another. While the movie wanted to keep the focus on many different characters at the same time, they could have made a slower and more realistic approach where some events could have simply been mentioned rather than presented.

    The CGI is great, however it only looks great next to other CGI. Inexperienced viewers won't notice this much, however the CGI definitely stands out when real objects come into scene such as the actors. For the most part they've done a great job at making it all look as real as possible, but towards the end when there is a orc vs human battle in front of the dark portal, it got a bit sloppy.

    The acting appeared to be "okay" for the most part, however the person who plays Khadgar definitely had some issues. He never seems quiet into it and comes across pretty self aware.

    The aesthetic of the movie tries to copy the game nearly 100%. It's subjective whether this is a good or a bad thing, but I did not think it was a good decision. In a movie, the ridiculous and silly objects such as house sized anvils and shoulder armor twice as big as the wearers head looks the way they should, very very silly. They might have kept the style yet tried to make it seem a bit more grounded to decrease the silliness of it all. Though this is subjective.

    The fight between Medivh and the others are, to put it simply, clumsy. It was sloppy and wasn't the fight the story deserved. With Khadgar and Lothar playing around with the silly clay monster and Medivh just walking around chanting. It might have been best for them to stick to the actual story where Medivh puts an aging curse on Khadgar and gets stabbed through the chest, causing the demon Sargeras to slowly emerge and get it's head chopped off. It is simpler and more direct. The way it is in the movie was simply too silly.

    Generally speaking, the best parts of the movie were those of the interactions within the Orc society. The drama was there, the struggle was there and most of the development was there also. The same care was absent from the human side of the story, having a very forced and unemotional death scene for Lothar's son as well as an awkwardly revealed secret of Medivh's possession.

    No matter my opinion, it appears the movie is set to have a sequel, and hopefully they will address most of these issues. Personally I would try to reduce the silliness aspect of the aesthetic and try to have there be more focus on the story so the characters don't just jump around so much. Also there should be more explanation for those who are not familiar with the story. A movie can't survive only with fan service.