• Warning: Spoilers
    Where do we begin... I am a fan of westerns. Just picture Clint Eastwood with that dirty look in his eye, the dry landscapes, the unforgiving wild frontier which rewards the bold and brave but mercilessly kills off anyone too weak to pull their own weight...

    Traded starts promisingly enough with building a bit of character backstory, introducing us to the happy family living on the ranch. The playful young son who idolizes the strong and silent father, the "soon to be of age" daughter who yearns to be treated like an adult although she has no idea what that means, and the mother - the supportive and hardworking wife, devoted to her family and man. Sounds good so far? it gets worse. Son dies, daughter runs off, wife turns on husband and so begins a horrible and rushed "TAKEN" style western which feels completely inorganic.

    After about the first 10 minutes character development stops all together. The father beats up the lying clerk at the train station and is apparently a legendary sharp shooting quick draw, he trolls through whorehouses across towns looking for his daughter, encountering tough- guys who all point guns but never shoot. He kills the "bad" guys, becomes best mates with bartender Kris Kristofferson out of the blue, and battles with poor dialogue and fake action scenes throughout the movie. The other characters in the movie such as Ugly girl, Head Honcho Bad guy #1 and his less-than-average IQ gang of misfits make this movie almost cringe worthy to watch. A shameful attempt at a western. How on earth did it get 7/10 on IMDb??? I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone, well maybe a blind and deaf person.