• Harvey Beaks is so great, and it just keeps getting better! I was kind of on the fence about it for a while - the earliest episodes were cute and I loved the animation, but it did take me a little while before I completely loved the show. With season 2 starting out I am now positive that it's one of the best cartoons currently on air.

    I love the characters in this show. They are well thought out and believable with top-notch voice acting. Max Charles does a wonderful job as Harvey! Season 2 so far has really brought more insight into some of the minor characters and I'm excited to see more of them. The writing contains lots of allusions that might go over the head of the intended audience (a recent episode heavily referenced The Lord of the Rings) so it's definitely fun to watch as an adult.

    Awesome writing, animation, and voice acting all around. Watch Harvey Beaks!!