• Warning: Spoilers
    Another crazy comedy/action flick to combine the star talents of Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao; this is their last production together but by no means their least. Once again the familiar formula of the tale involves our heroes getting up to all kinds of shenanigans when they become involved in the legal case between a woman who claims her lake is being polluted by a factory and the factory owner. Chan stars as a rather unlikely lawyer who ends up falling in love with the beautiful witness on the other side whilst Sammo Hung turns up as an arms dealer who also falls in love with the woman's sister (or friend, it doesn't really matter). Best of all is Yuen Biao as Chan's friend, an eccentric burglar who has frequent visits to the shrink to try and cure him of his insanity. Lots of comedy antics ensue between the threesome, especially Biao and Hung who take an instant dislike to each other and always seem to be fighting at inopportune times.

    The film offers plenty of comedy and also a double romance, which is focused on a great deal. I'm pleased to say that the romances are handled sensitively and with great passion, and its enjoyable to watch the martial artists doing something other than fighting all of the time. The comic interplay and slapstick humour is handled superbly and mixes well with the action. As for the fights, well once again they're phenomenal and have a real edge to them. Watch out for a meal on a boat which is interrupted by hired thugs, watching Chan wipe them all out is a delight and wonderful stuff. The three stars are on top form, especially Yuen Biao who stars in what may be his greatest role as the consistently funny and not to mention crazy thief. Chan is solid in the leading part although has less screen time than usual whilst Hung is excellent throughout, especially in the scarily realistic scenes in which he gets injected by heroin which gave the film an 18 certificate here in the UK. His direction is above-par too.

    As usual for these collaborations, the finale is the most memorable thing about the film, this time offering an extended action sequence set in a factory full of railings, poles and bubbling pools of evil. The acrobatic martial arts which take place amid the glass-smashing, bone-snapping mayhem are truly incredible and a wonder to behold. The chief villain, played by the inimitable Yuen Wah, is an amusing cigar-chomping caricature who gets his just desserts. But the best thing about the film is the reappearance of Benny 'The Jet' Urquidez, who turns up as a thug to fight Chan at the end just like he did in WHEELS ON MEALS. Complete with heavy eye-liner and a ponytail, Benny has never looked scarier than he does here and he proves to be a mean menace. The fight sequence is phenomenal and a fitting end to a quality production. Use of slow-motion in the various stunts also heightens the enjoyment, helping to make this one of the best action/comedies out there.