• Warning: Spoilers
    Cat Soup (Nekojiru - Sou) is probably one of the trippiest anime I have ever watch, and it is also one of my favorite short films. A half - hour short film with cute cats, what could possibly happen right? No, trust me - this isn't for kids at all. From the first look, I thought the art was pretty like Hello Kitty. The art first looks like a hand - rush drawing from a young child. For some reason, I really like the artwork in here: It could be cute, odd and creepy at the same time. Even at the most disturbing scenes, I still can not move my eyes away. The plot is extremely strange though. It is about a young cat (Nyatta) traveling with his brain - dead sister (Nyako) to the dead land to get the half of her soul back (after Jizou took that half of her soul away from her). They go to a world that is as weird as hell, a world that everything could happen. The entire show gave me the feel like it is a dark, hallucinogenic and uncontrollable dream (reminds me of fever dreams). In the ending, I see that the cats return to their home together, and then the whole family disappeared together. This film maybe can be interpreted in different ways and you would not be wrong either way - It could be a happy film, or a sad film, depending on the way you think about it. In the end, I think Cat Soup is a deep, dark and unique anime. If you like weird stuffs and got interested in this, you could give it a try. It will not be like any anime you have watch before.