• If you had created a series just for me, it would be "The Time in Between" -- 1930s, drama, fashion, suspense, and espionage - it had my name on it from the beginning.

    "The Time in Between" is carried on the beautiful shoulders of Adriana Ugarte, a young, natural beauty with dancing eyes and a warm smile, who plays the heroine, Sira, who lives with her mother in Madrid during the Civil War. Her mother is an excellent seamstress and teaches Sira her skills. Sira is engaged to a young man who wants her to buy a typewriter so that she can take some classes. On entering the shop, Sira's eyes and the eyes of the man (Rubén Cortada) behind the desk meet - he's a hunk - and it's over. When Sira takes off with him, her mother disowns her.

    After a great time nightclubbing in Morocco, the business project he was to invest in never materializes. One morning she wakes up and he's taken all of the jewels and money her father (whom she just met) had given her. Broke, she escapes from the hotel, finds herself in trouble with the law, and winds up in a low-class boarding house.

    When the owner of the house wrecks her dress, Sira fixes it. The owner sets her up in a shop, and soon, she is a star dressmaker for the elite. One of them is Rosalinda Fox (Hannah New), the lover of Biegeber, the High Commissioner of the Protectorate, with whom she forms an important friendship.

    The film then takes us on a wild ride that leads us to Nazis, espionage, and more love for Sira.

    The scenery, the atmosphere, the clothing - everything is perfect and eye-popping. I understand this series was so popular that sewing machine sales in Spain rose 197%! I can believe it.

    This is an absolute must-see. It's like potato chips - you can't watch just one episode.

    For trivia buffs, there actually was a Rosalinda Fox and Commissioner Juan Biegeber. After the war, Rosalinda headed to Guadarranque where she bought property to await Juan, who was under house arrest in Ronda. The two of them lived there together; Juan died in 1957, and Rosalinda died at the age of 96. Rosalinda's book is called "The Grass and the Asphalt."