• No, this is not another Looney Tunes take on the Robert Louis Stevenson story. Instead, this is another Bugs Bunny and Tasmanian Devil short. I'm not the biggest fan of Taz. He was a pretty one-note character and was probably best served as a one-off foil for Bugs. But he was brought back a few more times in the classic era and then, of course, found popularity during the modern era because...well, let's just say tastes changed and leave it at that. Anyway, pretty standard stuff for a Bugs/Taz short. The cartoon starts with Taz rampaging through the jungle and all the terrified animals running for their lives. All except Bugs, who finds himself alone with the Devil. Compare this to Taz's first appearance in Devil May Hare, which starts with pretty much this same routine but with drastically better animation. Not that this animation is terrible. For its time, it's actually not bad. I certainly appreciate the bright colors, as often during this period the colors were muddy and cheap-looking. So the animation isn't bad but it's a pale shadow of what it was a decade before. Also, if you see Devil May Hare you don't really need to see this. So go watch that instead. This is the kind of cartoon with lame gags like Bugs holding up a Picasso-type painting in front of Taz and telling him it's a mirror, which leads Taz to think he must be sick. All the gags are corny like that. Anyway, watch it if you're a Bugs or Taz completist but don't expect much. It's worth mentioning that this was the last appearance of Taz until the 1979 TV Christmas special Fright Before Christmas.