• I can't in my wildest dreams understand how this show have a rating above 8. It always starts out fairly good, but then in all episodes ever made of the show, the plot holes or leaps in logic begin to come up everywhere. The show is an 8 until 70% of the episode has been played. Then the last 30% ends up in buggery. It's almost always the same. Every episode has a lot of good and smart points in the beginning. I understand, there's some smart writers among the writers, but why must you every time end the episode with lazy logic, simple solutions which are painful to watch logically. When so much else in the series is well thought out, this is sad to see. This series could be so much better, if only they stop the dumb solutions. I understand there is a time limit to every episode, but please, stop the dumb endings. Many other series manage to keep up the logic pace, why can't you?