• Warning: Spoilers
    ***Potential spoilers - only read if you've watched Grey's Anatomy***

    I embarked on a Grey's Anatomy marathon, rewatching the seasons I'd already watched, then the seasons I hadn't, but when I reached Season 10, I decided to take a break, to watch its spin-off, Private Practice. I'd been wanting to watch it for a while, ever since I saw the back-door pilot.

    And I am going to be completely and utterly honest . . . I enjoyed Private Practice more than Grey's Anatomy. I loved how we stuck to a smaller main cast, to the majority of them who were from the beginning. I found Grey's Anatomy a little overwhelming from the large cast, the thousand different story lines we followed - and there were so many devastations.

    Anyway, I loved the cast; I loved Addison - her very first line has stuck to me (something along the lines of "You've been screwing my husband"), but it is her character development, her change from a cold person to someone who is more complex, who displays emotion, that I truly appreciate about her. Of course I loved the other characters, their story lines; Naomi, Violet, Sam, Cooper, Violet, and Pete won me over just as much as Addison.

    Unlike Grey's Anatomy, I think I will be able to revisit Private Practice, to rewatch the entire series. Not that I'm saying Grey's Anatomy is a bad show - it isn't - but Private Practice isn't as overwhelming and I enjoyed much better.