• Not too fond of the opening narration. It sets the tone that I have to like the movie because it's about supporting the troops, but is it? Or is it just exploiting them like every movie seems to these days. It's like if I put some marine in my movie or something about a soldier it gets a higher score, automatically.

    But you know what? Once that John Cougar Mellencamp- type song came on after the open narration, I knew then what type of homeland American movie I was getting into and just needed to accept that.


    I'm a fan of the Miz. I've never seen him wrestle, and more familiar with him as Mike from the Real World but I think its cool that someone from the show became big enough to star in his own movie.

    But I think they are not sure about his star power as there is a big cast of characters doing a lot of things in the movie, making his part smaller.

    Decent gun play makes for some cool actions sequences.

    Neal McDonough also made a nice villain. He was sympathetic and unwavering in his cause. It's a pretty bad ass villain.

    I actually saw the Marine 4 before I saw this one and as far as The Marine saga starring the Miz, number four is better than number three. Nothing beats the first one starring John Cena, but Marine three was just developing something for the Marine 4.