• Marc Dorcel's long-running series is long on beauties but short on inspiration, as evidenced by this random episode. Nothing much happens but sex here in what might has well have been an improvised all-sex exercise.

    The girls are pretty but hardly knock-outs. Take lead player blonde Sabrina as a new girl in school. She humps well and often but a few days after watching the video I wouldn't be able to pick her out of a line-up. Relevant contrasting star would be Chatsworth hall of famer Brianna Love, whose idealized sexiness is lacking in Sabrina's Eastern European sameness.

    One gal has a huge chest, carefully chosen for that attribute, and a blonde headmistress stands out by being a head taller than the girls (though probably the same age in real life). Director Herve Bodilis has simply directed too many lookalike films for Dorcel to give this one special attention. It's passable porn, but can't hold a candle to the so similar (even down to using Czech and Hungarian talent mainly) "Young Harlots" series by Gazzman.