• The movie does have a spin on the kidnap theme. It also has some colorful (if sometimes one sided) characters. It also does know how to create tension in a lot of ways. So overall it does have a couple of points going its way. It's almost a shame it does seem to lose itself later on, especially considering the environment it created at the start of the movie by spinning a couple of things.

    Relationships can be fragile, almost as fragile as entities. Although entities do not really consist of anything, so therefor fragile would not be a word that can describe them. But when they really want, they can move or rather make things happen, not being fragile at all. So maybe the middle ground still would be right? What is not right of course is how the main bad guys behave. Very despicable and hateful is the best way to describe them.

    A more than decent effort then, with good special effects and a lot of blood too