• Warning: Spoilers
    This film is OK, but not outstanding. With a running time of 160 minutes it is far too long and some obviously boring scenes could have been shortened. There are a lot of irrational decisions by the protagonists. If they were funny they could aid the film. However, they aren't. What is funny about eating a sperm soaked petite four? The joke with the fake teeth is overstretched and redundant. Some jokes by the father have even to be declared as jokes by him otherwise nobody would have understood them. What is most ungratifying with this film is the lack of connection to the main character. He was so poorly introduced, I did not feel any sympathy with him. Some of his actions were meant to be funny but were so stupid I felt sorry for him. Even the end leaves you with a "so what?". The daughter keeps her unsatisfying type of job although at a different company and the relationship with her father seems to be just the same as before. Lucky for the daughter, her new job is much farther away from her fathers home. There is hope that he leaves her alone.