• Way back at the turn of the last century some Mexican general who had his army like Villa, Zapata, and the rest of them did came across to the USA and before he died buried a whole lot of loot. He hid a map of his treasure, booty if you will, in the heel of some really nice looking boots before he died.

    Fast forward and by some incredible means Guinn Williams becomes owner of said boots and foreman of the ranch that Marion Shilling owns and the treasure is buried. A greedy neighbor played by Tom London knows about the map in the boot and will stop at nothing to get a hold of the loot.

    That about sums up Gun Play. In those early years Guinn Williams was a cowboy hero in these poverty row westerns. But someone saw he could play amiable lunkheads so much better. Occasionally Williams could be a serious villain like in the first version of The Glass Key with George Raft. But for myself I can't get used to seeing him as anything other than a doofus sidekick as he was to Errol Flynn in a few westerns.

    There's nothing much really to recommend Gun Play, a poverty row western with few pretensions and some bad editing.