• The film is slow and that's its downfall, it drags in places, while it does give you a the sense of the characters desperation and the danger that they're in, the rest of it is just boring. where this film really shines is the Fight scene. Although its the only one in the film it makes up for the first half.

    The fight has great atmosphere, you really feel the stakes (the whole film has good atmosphere even the boring parts)the music fits perfectly , well paced, and its choreographed well easily the best part of the movie.

    The SFX are passable, the CGI on Cell is OK but some shots of Super Sayian Trunks look just plain bad.

    The acting is alright... the actor who plays trunks is OK if not a little of the bland side (when he's narrating) Not all that bad though same goes for the guy who voices Vegeta.

    The production design and set are impressive for a Fan production

    Aside from some pacing issues , not great SFX , and kinda bland acting I was left satisfied.