• Like i said, there is a lesson to be learned here especially for new/future film makers, and we will get to it later.

    First of all, this film feels like its made by students for their final exam, as they usually rush for the cliché zombie film. But i have to admit i expected much less from this film. The acting was pretty good. There is a decent story (looking over the cliché zombie apocalypse part), and the is rather unusual (as expected from low budget films).

    A big problem with this film is the fact that, the director, Dan Rickard, was doing everything acting, production and writing wise. The director should be the one who only directs, sure he could help around, but not do literally everything. In this case hes the director, writer, cinematographer, editor, special effects, visual effects and above all hes the main character.

    All signs point to a person who really wanted to make a film, and get big, but not have enough experience. Although he is a pretty good writer.

    I will be honest though, i have almost made the exact same mistake of rushing a film, good thing i saw my error before it got out of hand.

    All in all, if you're a new/future film maker, than id recommend watching this film so you can learn what mistakes not to make in the future. But if you're just looking for a film to watch i would not recommend watching this.