• Warning: Spoilers
    At her mother's funeral, an upset daughter runs through a graveyard before entering a steaming mausoleum. Inside, her eyes turn green and a man's head explodes. A woman, Susan (Bobbie Bresee) awakes suddenly from the terrible dream she's been having, and her husband (Marjoe Gortner) comforts her. The pair go to a nightclub and indulge in some disco dancing, and a rude drunk gets into his car which burns and explodes. An odyssey of death has just begun.

    Demonic possession was all the rage in the early '80s and this low budget film, which looks very cheap indeed, is surprisingly funny, mainly due to the series of gory deaths which fill it up. The make up is okay too, and it's obvious where the money was spent. There isn't much plot to speak of, and explanations are given in dream sequences with no dialogue, so there isn't anything to muddle your brain while watching. It's a simple tale of a demon-possessed woman who murders literally anybody who steps into her life (and house).

    The gore is plentiful, including a man's eyeball coming out, and a woman's chest being graphically torn open. Another comedy moment involves a man's head exploding with a pop noise. It's hilarious, it really is! Obviously it looks like I'm a complete sicko now, but the gore is pretty ineptly done so it isn't disturbing or anything - just amusing, and overall, fun. The film is populated by strange characters, and not one person can be described as 'normal'. The gardener is a voyeur, and most of the men have sex on their minds (nothing new there).

    Marjoe Gortner is the curly-haired husband who remains hilariously oblivious to all the murders going on around him and to the fact that his loving wife is in fact a demon in disguise, even when he's murdered he still doesn't get it. Bobbie Bresee is a supremely untalented actress who shows a surprising willingness to strip off for the camera and prance around topless. Her bad acting is pretty funny. There's even a doctor character obviously based on Doctor Loomis from HALLOWEEN, which is no bad thing, and a housekeeper who offers comic dialogue. Bresee's demon makeup is also pretty funny and fake. There is one unique moment in this film when Bresee's breasts become little demon faces complete with snapping teeth, and then proceed to rip out her screen husband's chest. It's a memorable scene in what is otherwise a cheaply made abomination with enough gore and bad special effects to stop it being entirely useless - just slightly. Worth a look if you're in the mood.