• Warning: Spoilers
    Hebe brings disgrace on her stuffy middle class family, by falling pregnant out of wedlock, she decides to up and leave her family to bring up her son. She sends him to public school, funding it by cooking for wealthy old ladies and high class exclusive prostitution. Hebe is unsure who the father is, she met him intoxicated during festivities in Italy, and all she can remember is a strong, overpowering smell of coffee.

    This is a really enjoyable drama, that challenges your preconceived ideas about things. Turning the idea of prostitution on its head, Hebe being the one overwhelmingly in control. You could be forgiven for reading the plot and expecting a deeper, more sordid drama.

    It's funny, easy viewing, with some rather lovely performances, Serena Scott Thomas is quite enchanting, underplaying her role to perfection. John Mills, Peter Davison, Brenda Bruce all lovely, each adding something completely different. With a cast like this it was never going to fail.

    Enjoyable, 7/10