• "oh, no," The funny thing here is I immediately saw the lead character, Ronnie Kerr and thought "wait...I just saw a total piece of crap/waste of time with this guy in it yesterday" and sure enough, went to IMDb and saw not only was he also the lead in the tragic assault to gay cinema called "Saltwater", but also wrote both of them. I'd say that was the only funny thing about this film at all, but I have to be completely honest and say there are a couple of really good performances which were obviously ad-lib-ed (no, not Mark Cirillo's same tired character he does in every performance that will give him a part because he will do full-frontal) but rather the opening scene with the director...yet even HER awesome performance was butchered through very bad editing and B-roll throughout-style camera-work. Look, I get that everyone needs a hobby...but at this point I'd say this niche genre of cheap, badly written/acted/filmed gay films is reaching saturation; no one gets a "pass" anymore, so come back when you have REAL and NEW to say (or at the very least entertaining).