• By my score of only 2, you can tell that I thought this film was just really stupid and not the hilarious comedy it was meant to be. The plot is, to put it bluntly, just plain dumb and there isn't much to like about this dopey film. This is one of Claudette Colbert's early films...so this might explain how she got hooked into playing in this turkey!

    When the film begins, Helen (Claudette Colbert) is trying to convince a producer to cast her in a Broadway play. He refuses so she makes him a bet that makes no sense--if she can get the playboy, Jack Craigen (Edmund Lowe), to fall for her then she can have the part. So, she quickly gets him to fall for her--and in the process makes a total fool of poor Craigen. Now none of this made any sense and wasn't very good....little did I know that it was (by far) the BEST portion of the movie!

    Craigen responds to the embarrassment by kidnapping Helen. He takes her to his vacation home...only to discover that an escaped mental patient (Stu Erwin) is running about the place. Soon, Helen's fiancé shows up and a big showdown results.

    Stu Erwin's character was one of the worst I can recall having seen in a 1930s film...he was THAT bad. His mentally ill guy was a giant walking stereotype...and a bad one at that. He wore a Napoleonic style hat and declared he was that dead Emperor!! It was just incredibly dumb...and the rest of the film wasn't any better. Simply terrible from start to finish (and especially at the finish!).