• "Sisters" broadcasts with its generic title that generic sex scenes are the video's content. Its cast of familiar and talented stars are wasted in an utterly routine set of sex vignettes.

    Titles are: "Sibling Rivalry", "Sympathy Sex", "Surprise", "Voyeur" and "Final Fling". I confess to having forgotten the entire show within a few weeks of viewing, with my notes to provide a modicum of guidance to prospective viewers (or more likely, folks deciding to skip this baby).

    There's no incest involved, as the sisters are merely competing with each other in the bedroom and chastely avoiding physical contact during threesomes.

    With only the cast credited (no one at Britain's Adult Channel willing to accept the blame), it's a very loosely directed and improvised affair. Early on Clarke Kent, billed with his earlier moniker Seb Cam, jokes to Valerie Fox that he was expecting sister Lou Lou, and sure enough, in the final segment Lou Lou does perform, explained away by Fox having two sisters on the payroll.

    Demetri XXX also performs in the finale, and my best guess is that he is also the anonymous filmmaker behind the camera as producer or even director, judging by similar junk under his name made around this time for the same distributors.