• Warning: Spoilers
    Stormy Daniels can always be counted on for a diverting show, thanks to her beauty and acting talent, but this make-work assignment under the direction of co-star Randy Spears is mighty disappointing.

    She plays a high-toned madam, who does all her prostitution work on-line, the new-fashioned way. Guys check out her Model Behavior website and call her with orders for this girl or that girl to do an out-call and service them. I didn't catch the geographical niceties of this arrangement (as Stormy seems to be a one-woman shop handling everything locally) but it seems to be running smoothly.

    Aye, there's the rub. So smooth that nearly each vignette for the requisite 5 lengthy sex scenes follows the same phoned-in structure: Stormy gets the order, phones the girl and we watch a play-let of her humping the fellow.

    Turning this into an attempted thriller has Randy Spears casting himself as Stormy's vengeful ex: her testimony got him a long stretch in stir. He's out now and offing her girls to prep for punishing her. It's a very boring concept, enlivened only briefly when lovely Tanya James, a buxom blonde not far removed from a "Stormy Daniels type" shows up beaten after her run-in with Randy, and he's cut off a finger of hers to send our weather girl a message!

    Spears with his unctuous but sinister voice and pent-up violent manner makes for a lousy villain, and his flat direction is little better. Corny conclusion is telegraphed from the outset: Stormy services Made Man Jack Vegas in the first sex scene on the house, so naturally the Gumbah will return the favor by offing our bad guy.

    Weakest plot thread is that jailbird Randy is made out to be all-powerful (well, not as powerful as the Mafia) without any credibility as to where his power comes from. He and the movie are just paper tigers, with the diversion of Stormy and other beauties including Charisma Cappelli all Wicked has to offer.