• Warning: Spoilers
    If I hadn't already labeled one of the films that I watched as the worst one ever, this one might have easily taken the spot. To start off, this film is about the romantic life of the PM of the country, and has a singular agenda - to awaken people to the fact that having a live in relationship is the choice of two individuals and nobody else's business. What a deeply coherent and nuanced plot! So we have a very brooding protagonist whose expression seldom changes in the film, except when he attempts to portray joy and ends up reminding us of the last sickly person we've met. He is apparently a superbrain (he wears glasses, duh!) So, this guy arbitrarily gets chosen as the leader of the nation, despite having no relation with politics, which begs the question of his credentials (his girlfriend discusses the same!) The girlfriend is a typical character out of contemporary Bollywood - aggressive, demanding and basically, immature. Still, she's more likable than the hero and acts much better too.

    So the PM goes around in supposed catwalks (he's too dead to even do that well), making youthful gestures and appealing to his 'youngistaan'. His lack of trust in the 'oldistaan' is never touched upon. The hero is a shrewd one, having a definite vote bank in mind, one that constitutes the majority and will be impressed by his interest in sports, his software career background, his live in relationship, his electronic voting system and his PDA. But let's not forget that he is the Bollywood guy who never does things for selfish reasons. So, true to his role, he makes a farce of leaving the dirty political game while secretly planning to enter the system from behind. He also does his song and dance routine while giving bhashans on unity and prosperity out of the blue while mainly focusing on the demarcation between person and professional living.

    The hero then flings his invisible magic wand and in a matter of seconds (the rest of the film is about 'live in relationships'), solves issues of youth finances, farmer suicides, collision politics and not to forget, people's opinions about personal and professional lives of other people. Basically, one good person = one good nation.

    This film is inappropriately titled youngistaan. It barely refers to the youth of the nation, and is neither based on a popular soft drink, but more to the choice of living in versus marriage for the young. I've never despised the living in concept, but now that it's been associated with this film, well! In sum, the film is too superficial to be either meaningful or funny. It tries hard to take a comic take on the everyday life of a most prominent personality. It flops miserably, because it is not daring enough to explore, to get away from the typical heroic image in bollywood. Besides, the less said about the performances, the better. What a waste!