• Warning: Spoilers
    Frances and her husband Robert attend a dinner party of her friend Diane and her husband Nick. I won't spoil it, but something happens at the dinner party which makes Frances question her own marriage.

    This is not a drop down ROTFL comedy, but more of a subtle adult comedy/drama.

    There were a few funny moments sprinkled throughout the pilot, and I guess one reason I liked the show is because I can relate to Frances' character. Relationships aren't easy, and I would say that most people have been unhappy at one point or another and struggled what to do.

    There's a little bit of a twist about 20 minutes into the show which adds another layer and dimension, and I'd say all in all, it's a pretty good show.

    I've heard people say that Frances is unlikable and selfish, but I think she's just the opposite- if two people have made multiple attempts to work on their marriage and it's still not working, freeing both parties can be a great gift, even if it hurts in the beginning.

    Only time will tell what happens in Frances' relationship with her husband, but I think so far, this is a pretty good show.