• I'd read some reviews before viewing and almost didn't even bother to watch, expecting it to be just awful. Truly a waste of time.

    I'm pleased that I did watch, however, because everything about this show was a surprise.

    First it's funny. Very funny. The pacing is nice. The writing excellent. The insight into the complex fantasy life of the disappointing lover speaks volumes in just a few skillfully written (and delivered) lines.

    Second, it's beautifully filmed.

    SJP surprised me. I expected Carrie's ebullience and instead encountered this complex, vulnerable, stupid woman who I found quite interesting. Falling apart at the least sign of affection from her daughter . . .

    The huge delight is Thomas Haden Church who brings a weight and balance to his role, a lovely oblivion that is credible beyond belief and in that skill really levels out the alcohol (and drug?) fueled insanity of everybody around him. One of the most undervalued actors around, I think, because his presence is always so much larger than his surround.

    But mainly I liked the surprises in the script. So far (Pilot only) the show is full of surprises. The biggest surprise of all will be to see if this level can be maintained throughout the entire season. I hope so. It's such a pleasure so far.

    Sigh . . . hip deep in episode 3 I hear echoes from 'The Raiders of the Lost Ark.' Belloq to Marion, 'It was not to be, cherie.' And so it is with 'Divorce.'

    It is just plain boring.

    Too bad, but now I agree with all the naysayers and my vote is no. Absolutely not.

    Horgan at least managed a whole first season with 'Catastrophe.' But with 'Divorce' only a first episode.