• Warning: Spoilers
    Good storyline, believable and real, and great acting, especially by Robert, the husband. I also enjoy watching the unfolding disbelief of a woman who has been having an affair but all her considerations and expressions and thoughts for the future are only about *her*....a typically female reaction to any situation in life. One thing I don't understand though, which seemed so stupidly American, is why she let him lock her out the house in the closing scene. Anyone else would pick up a rock, smash that glass, unlock the door, and walk inside. Or call the police, who have nothing to do with civil details (ie: "I want to divorce her"), and are concerned only with what's someone's right and what's not: and it's her right to go into her house until there is some legal decision that disbars her from doing that. Bad ending...weak. But brilliant otherwise. I love also how the show starts out and you assume it *is* all about her, but Robert turns that on it's head: NOW IT'S ABOUT ME, he's saying. Good on him!