• Really surprised this film scores so poorly as I thought it was actually quite entertaining. Despite Berry's overly-dramatic portrayal of a so-called "shark whisperer" whose able to swim in open water with massive white sharks, general acting aside, the photography, exterior sets and choreography of attacks are excellent. If there was any CGI, it wasn't apparent (which should be the idea) instead the makers have used footage of real white sharks in the wild, and integrated these seamlessly with the actors.

    The Capetown (Fish Hoek) setting adds realism, and whilst the plot is heavily contrived, the shark footage more than compensates. It's not in the league of "Jaws" though imo it does narrowly outperform "The Reef" which was a pretty decent exponent of the genre itself. Berry and Martinez are merely scenery but director Stockwell's (Cougar from Top Gun) timing builds suspense nicely despite the clichés.

    Multiple maulings will keep traditional shark audiences engaged whilst the discerning viewer might be sustained by a more ethical depiction of White sharks. Humans are the antagonists here; the men in grey suits simply behaving as any reluctant host would tolerate such an irritating cast of prima donnas. Sharks = 6, humans = 0.