• 15 October 2016
    I really wanted to be sympathetic to the plight of these characters, their son denied a life-saving transplant due to complexities of insurance and the avarice of private healthcare providers, but I just couldn't tell where the political advertisement ended and the film actually started. Director Cassavetes seems to be flirting with an expensive commercial for a means-tested healthcare model which is fine (Hollywood jingoism is nothing new), though it's usually more subtle.

    Washington seems to have the right amount of despair and Woods plays the schmoozing cardiologist with aplomb; his characterisation brought more depth to what could've been a very one-dimensional part. Heche on the other hand as the cold, heartless 'system' personified, epitomised the hollow cliché that Woods somehow managed to avoid (by acting). The Liotta vs Duvall contest is also pretty shallow and unimaginative.

    Overall, despite the capable cast, it's difficult to distinguish ad from movie which I'd attribute mostly to the banal dialogue and overly clichéd approach taken. Could've had more tension, action and entertainment if they'd gone with Mel Gibson (a la Ransom, Payback) alas, the makers opted for a dramatic pose and the result is consequently extremely superficial and underwhelming.