• Warning: Spoilers
    I wanted to give this movie a go since it was mentioned on a web article on some site called "Animated films that are not for kids". Yeah I agree with that especially the scene where a circus performer girl on this was chopped in half. Even though it was disgusting, I was literally laughing my head off! Even as well, she was back to normal but seriously, it really does make you laugh at that kind of stuff!

    It's too bad that this movie isn't in English. It would've been easier to understand as the viewer of what's happening. I was also disappointed that it lacked voice actors to be involved in this. I just felt that the story was confusing and really dull. The only bits in this short I enjoyed were the water elephant in the desert and the impressive art around this movie. I mean, a better story line, involving voice actors and having the movie with English subs/dubs would've been more of a bonus in my opinion :/