• A sort of a challenge for reviewers.

    First time I watched The Hollow, I made the following notes:

    * good attempt at film noir.

    * overlong and quality fluctuates wildly from scene to scene. Sometimes you think you are watching an A-list production on the big screen and sometimes you think you are watching a stage play at the local dinner theatre.

    * nice use of known "character actors" recycled into almost (but not quite) leading roles. Interesting.

    * common problem with B-movies (B+ movies?) is that everything is much too clean. Supposedly we are in the deep south on one of the hottest days of the year and all the actors are wearing clothes that look like they are freshly dry-cleaned, no sweat or dirt anywhere, even the cars are shiny like they just left the car wash...?? (To see this done properly, get a copy of In the Heat of the Night!).

    * actor playing Ray-Ray pulls ahead of the pack and steals every scene he is in. Real potential, real charisma, real talent.

    And then I check out the credits and find the actor I noticed is also the writer, the director and the chief cook-and-bottle-washer.

    Not too shabby.

    Miles Doleac is more interesting than the movie. He's got mad skills.