• Uptight ultra conservative (Connors) decides to get even with the world after it fails him, using his bomb making skills to put the city in the grip of fear. Only tired-looking detective Vince Edwards and suspected rapist Neville Brand can stop his murderous reign of terror in this reasonably taut time filler.

    It's unusual to have dual plots/villains and the presence of Brand in such an understated yet critical characterisation cannot be diminished. His scenes are amongst the best and most gripping as he leverages a chance encounter with the mad bomber to his advantage (and much to Edward's chagrin).

    Solid cast includes Hank Brandt, Royce Applegate and Jeff Burton in minor roles, whilst Ilona Wilson has a quirky cameo as Brand's defensive wife. Good momentum, special effects and committed acting elevate this minor movie to something more substantial - and check out the graphic ending for a shocking conclusion!