• After watching 2 episodes I can say this one is a keeper. It gets really funny in episode 2. A middle aged couple with 2 teenage kids going through a divorce is the subject of this HBO comedy - and it is more a comedy than drama.

    Sarah Jessica Parker has waited for sometime to do another series and it's a quality one with good laugh out loud original humor and good acting and dialog. She acts similarly to SATC but it's fine. She and only she can succeed in making you like a character who is did the bad thing - here cheated on her husband. She looks a bit slim and well dressed for the burbs but that's okay. Thomas Haden Church is perfect for the role as cuckolded husband. Love his deadpan delivery of the lines which seem tailor made for him. BFFs played by Molly Shannon and Talia Balsam are good too. It's not SATC for the middle aged crowd those who are looking for that won't find it here. But if the characters are likable and funny it's got the formula for success. What I like is it's more sophisticated in wit and not hectic and contrived like many of the other comedies.