• Warning: Spoilers
    I won't start by comparing this show to sex and city because they are completely different. But I will let you know that this show has the most unlikable characters I've ever seen in a series. We all know you can't make a show if everyone hates the characters. They are basically a bunch of grumpy men and grumpy women thrown all together to make a show. The characters are all so cold you could not possibly relate to them: Sarah Jessica Parker's character is distant, her husband is an idiot, her friend is crazy to the point where it's not even funny anymore, and the french guy is a weirdo. Her kids were kind of irrelevant, her daughter calls her a bitch, then Sarah Jessica Parker's character apologizes to her? Seriously? Good parenting 'The affair' is supposed to be the surprise of the plot when really, it's just sad once you find out who she's having an affair with: a complete douche bag! Did I mention that it's a humorless show? How is it a comedy if there are no jokes or witty remarks or something to think about, honestly I didn't even laugh once, and I kept waiting for it to come but the humour never did. This is just a bad story about a distant unlikable couple who nobody can begin to care about enough to watch what unfolds.