• Whether it's loosely based on Steven Callahan's harrowing 76-day journey or otherwise, this one-man survivalist movie is possibly the very best of its breed. Robert Redford plays the ageing yachtsman with pragmatism, stamina and an undertone of bitterness as he contends with a seemingly endless array of catastrophes that lead to eventually becoming stranded at sea.

    Virtually no dialogue or soundtrack, just the howls of the ocean and creaking of ropes and wood, this is a masterclass of the less is more concept. Always engaging, at times suspenseful, it's without peer of its ilk, the closest you'd come to this standard is the always riveting "I Shouldn't Be Alive" docu-dramas which are consistently high calibre.

    Unlikely to engage all audiences, it should appeal to the fans of shipwreck adventures, something akin to Robinson Crusoe on the water. The plot slowly constricts its hapless victim, gradually wearing down his mind, body and resources with every cruel blow. It's like death is destined and he's forced to endure it slowly compounding with each setback. A real man vs nature ordeal perfectly cast and great viewing. This is the best thing Redford has done in thirty years.