• Whether you will enjoy "Sweet, Sweet Rachel" will most likely depend on your attitude towards psychics and psychic phenomena. I think it's all kind of silly....so keep this in mind as you read.

    This movie is a pilot for a short-lived series, "The Sixth Sense" that ran for 25 episodes over two seasons. The cast changed completely in the TV series and I have not actually seen that.

    When the film begins, Rachel (Stephanie Powers) is having weird psychic hallucinations...and even weirder, folks nearby ALSO see these weird visions and one kills himself as a result! Some psychic researchers from the university investigate and discover, ultimately, that these visions are being deliberately caused by someone with a particularly strong ability...an ability to do 'telepathic hypnosis'. But with a mind this powerful, how can anyone stop this menace...whoever they are?!

    This film has zillions of red herrings...so many that it felt a bit contrived and confusing. Plus, instead of being believable, it came off much like an episode of "Kolchak: The Night Stalker". Not terrible but purely a time-passer.