• I love SJP. I saw her in a Facebook Live interview talking about this show and her interest in long-term relationships, divorce, adultery, etc. and why couples stay together or fall apart. And how some thrive afterwards and some completely self-destruct. SJP, in real life, is so lovely, intelligent and fascinating, so I am willing to give this show a chance. I subscribed to HBO because of this show.

    The show is funnier than I expected. Love the musical selections, Poco's Crazy Love of Mine was unexpected and beautifully timed. It is not a predictable story yet - I do not know what direction these characters are headed in. As someone that has gone through a divorce myself and continued to live with my ex-husband for three years after the divorce, I can relate to Frances in some ways. The hardest, hardest part is your relationship with your children especially if you feel guilty about the divorce and wanting to save your own life.