• Warning: Spoilers
    OK, so I'm not going to put up a synopsis as I don't see the point, plenty of others have. I have MAJOR issues with some aspects of this production.

    1) Music 1.1 the title music with modern drum kit, why? 1.2 the violin used is wrong as is the bow, the bow picture in this did not evolve to the shape shown for another 300 years 1.3 Henry VIII was a very keen musician, yet no mention here

    2) Historical facts, most of them are completely wrong, or twisted or misrepresented, even outright wrong. Please, read your history books if you don't believe me.

    3) Actors: like most of them except the goose who plays Henry VIII: not a ginger, not of large stature, no huge manhood, why?

    Apart from these minor issues, love it, very much. Especially the costumes, thought I'm no expert but those "in the know" say they are not quite accurate.