• After finishing watching "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" I was left with an unusual situation....I really had no idea WHAT the film was supposed to be. After all, at times, it seemed like a kooky comedy, at other times a film about a battling couple who really DIDN'T like each other, at others a film about adultery (which never actually materialized in any way) as well as a romance. I just was confused about the film and felt it was a muddled mess of a plot...especially the 'great' advice to the husband by his mother-in-law at the end of the film!

    Laurence Mackay (David Niven) is a reviewer who just got a big job with a top New York newspaper. His wife, Kate (Doris Day), is a mother who seems to actually rarely be home with her four kids--possibly because they are very strange and annoying brats. However, a strange thing happens...the longer Laurence reviews plays the more of a giant walking butt-head he seems to be. He becomes perpetually grouchy and is insufferable to live with...and you wonder why the missus doesn't just poison him. And, so it goes through much of the movie.

    As I said above, I really wasn't sure what the film intended here as the style film kept changing and some times it seemed as if some of the stories just disappeared before there was any resolution (such as the sexy Broadway leading lady who was trying to vamp Laurence...and then, inexplicably, just seemed to wander off). I didn't like the film very much and felt that there were great moments...but none of it really fit together or worked towards any purpose.