• Warning: Spoilers
    I made an account just so I could write a review about this movie so that the others are warned beforehand. Just like others I was fooled by the other fake reviews posted here, but at the time I checked here there were no other reviews and only the fake reviews were here. I can't even begin to say where this movie starts getting bad, it just rotten throughout. The acting was really hilarious and we get the clichéd 'cop with marital troubles who may or may not be having an affair with another woman who may or may not be his colleague' cop in this movie as well. I was actually waiting for some neat little twist in the climax or some surprise towards the end which never came. Some bad movies are actually saved by a good climax but this wasn't anywhere near to it. I have given a fair warning to others, please don't take a risk. Watching through the movie was really painful and I hope I could get back the time I lost watching this piece of art.