• Unorthodox romance tells the story of an estranged couple, who briefly reconnect following an overseas fling that results in pregnancy, with the door left open for a more enduring reconciliation after a weekend spent rediscovering their mutual affection. The two leads really carry the entire story which is surprisingly effective despite having really very little actual plot. It's somewhat unconventional in that the story begins several months post an intense holiday romance, with the characters now at their lowest ebb in the relationship, re-building trust and forging bonds as prospective parents sober following their torrid affair.

    NZ location work showcases the multi-textured city of Christchurch, it's picturesque beaches, parks and gardens contrasting the demolition of modern ruins, a reminder of the earthquake devastation inflicted only a few short years ago. There's an occasional misfire in the situations (i.e. the dial-a-rap song and Gondala strip both seem a little unnatural even allowing for their context) but otherwise, the story seems very sincere.

    Probably could've developed a couple more characters and scenarios to pad out the 70 minute run time (e.g. perhaps some more meat in the flashbacks which are relayed like silent memories), but overall if you can appreciate a well acted independent movie in which character is gradually revealed at a deliberate pace, then this sensitive, atypical romance should keep you engaged.