• Warning: Spoilers
    Filled with recognizable actors, this movie - to me - verges on great. The story is - unfortunately - too believable. A crack head mother abandoning her child, a washed up musician, a band together past their expiry date. Probably a tale acted out in real life - daily. Shue has the crack/alcoholic/hooker/or groupie role down pat - but - not to diminish from her acting - and - I think she looked great for very late 40's! Breslin is - again in this role as so many of her others - an actor who I think will be amongst the greats. It is always a pleasure watching Peter Stormare, although he is best as a villain - here - he isn't - but is a great character actor - from Sweden. The remainder of the cast are uniformly superb - a few are on hit TV shows in the past couple of years. All in all, this film just seemed - real.