• Warning: Spoilers
    Speechless. I didn't think a movie with Sly and The Fonz in it could be this bad. Granted, they weren't Sly and The Fonz just yet, but I think you get my drift. I can't think of a single intelligent conversation or scene that took place in this picture, so maybe that was the objective. But boy, it's a tedious film to sit through, made even more so with the faux-Fifties music the film makers were attempting to flavor the story with. Quite honestly, the opening credits for "From Here to Eternity" were more entertaining than the entire story and with a better cast. If you're into retro-Fifties, "American Graffiti" or any episode of "Happy Days" ought to fill the bill for you, and if it's unruly street punks that tickle your fancy, go for the real deal with 1955's "Blackboard Jungle". Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to offer up a novena to Our Lady of a Thousand Sorrows.