• Nina Hartley's series of dozens of sex-education features for the Adam & Eve label seem suspect, in that the customer base is looking for porn. But this look at sex with pregnant women most definitely satisfies what the Supreme Court way back when termed "social redeeming features", while of course providing the XXX content that pays the bills.

    Nina's interviews with 8-months-gone Violet Blue are quite informative, clearing up many myths and misconceptions about the so-called dangers of a woman having sex while carrying her fetus to term. Aptly named Dick Danger services Violet on camera as the stated father-to-be, and this arousing scene is presented in good taste by director (and Mr. Nina Hartley in real life) Ernest Greene, he of the bondage/fetish career. Perhaps that background explains why the entire film is shot on all- black sets one would associate with a nice session of tying up and whipping some hapless submissive.

    Less lucid is Tiffany Mynx, but she's here for her sexiness, humped with gloved hand later strap-on dildo by Hartley herself. Sure, this is pandering to the audience's cravings, but in Adult Entertainment that is a plus, not a drawback.

    Oddest sound bite is when Nina discusses a woman who has sex with her husband in the delivery room, right up to the point where baby is ready to emerge into our world.