• I always enjoy Tim Holt as an actor who is most notable for his many good performances as a cowboy out on the trail. In Tim Holt's westerns he is usually accompanied by a comical sidekick. In "The Rookie Cop" I felt the roles were reversed. The real star of this film is Ace the German Shepherd dog who travels on patrol with his partner rookie cop, Clem Maitland played by Tim Holt.

    Although the story line has been done a thousand times over, which is the old plot where the bad guys seem to be a step ahead of the eventual film's hero by cheating, lying, and stealing, eventually good overcomes evil.

    Ace is in great form simply by opening car doors, attacking the bad guys by their arms, freeing his partner Clem whose hands were tied, and sniffing out the bad guys. Of course this is not a heavy crime drama, and most film fans know that Ace is going to come out on top, but 'eh, who doesn't like a dog hero? Tim Holt is good too, but Ace is the star if you like dog hero films as I do.

    Woof...Woof...Woof...I give the film 3 out of 4 Woof's.