• Why didn't Rachel (Stefanie Powers) just go to a psychologist or counselor if she was having problems coping with her husbands death? Instead she sees an ESP person or "expert", ends up in some weird stuff, her Aunt is a medium or psychic and Rachel goes crazy thanks to her Aunt trying to drive her that way -- all over wanting control of the family money. About 1/2 of the people in the film are insane. - So if that sounds appealing then you might like this film a little bit. Its' not the best of it's kind but it's not the worst of it's kind either.

    I like films about ESP, psychics, telepathy and those types of things but this one I found just so-so - not bad but not good.

    OH, if you watch this film, prepare yourself for some awful singing at a funeral from a woman who's voice will drive all of the mice in your house away and gag maggots. Her voice is worse than fingernails on a blackboard. *Shivers*