• Warning: Spoilers
    ... and I don't mean the over-exuberant reviewers claiming it was the best thing they'd ever seen. It was good. I'll say that. Coming from a similar southern town - the scenery, the accents, the corruption... they got it right. One reviewer who claimed they were too clean looking... um. Maybe some of them, but the characters Vaughn and Ray-Ray always looked in need of a shower. So... perspective, I guess.

    These reviews claiming it was the worst thing they'd ever seen, have obviously been living under a rock. First, the writing is NOT bad at all. I've heard similar conversations from real life people. Gritty language, responses to threats, all of the above (former law enforcement career). There was nothing odd about it. The pace... well, it's a noir... all slow build up to a predictable, last minute climax. That's what the genre does. So when you see "NOIR" in the descriptive title, you can't expect fast-paced, psychedelic, or action-packed scenes... that's just stupid on YOUR part. Predictable? The killer was a character who had never been introduced. So... again. Bad? No. The acting. Come on... William Sadler? William Forsythe? Jeff Fahey (who should have been in the movie more, IMO)? And the writer/director/producer/Ray-Ray character... Miles Doleac? These guys are terrific actors. And played these parts well. Yeah, the FBI guy was a little bit of an over-actor, but I'm really not sure where all this hatred is coming from. Troll much?

    That being said... I have nothing to gain or lose from this review. I, too, just like good, solid movies with a story. Not everything I see is an action fest, or a laugh-a-minute comedy. Sometimes I just like smartly made movies, of which this is one. The hateful reviews given this film are undeserved.

    So, grab some popcorn, a beer, and settle in to decide for yourself.