• This movie rocks. Oh, I need to say more? Alright then: this movie rocks so hard that Gizmo has mo choice but to do his little bop-dance to it while the twin scientists bop their heads and Christopher Lee does his best glowering of his career (and this man could glower a statue into submission!)

    This is Joe Dante and his collaborators going into a throw-all-the-kitchen-sinks-at-the-wall approach, and Gremlins 2: the New Batch is even more of a love letter to B movies and Loony Tunes than the first one; like the Evil Dead movies, the sequel finds its auteurs (lets not forget Spielberg too, and this time Rick Baker does fx work) not really wanting to make a sequel (the studio demanded a follow-up to the #4 box-office hit of 1984), but with final cut at his disposal, under Spielberg's supervision, Dante does a delirious cartoon of a live-action movie. When the gremlins wreak havoc it gives havoc a whole other name. Only one scene, when the new 'Stripe' gremlin leaps out of the board in the control room, is actually scary, but no matter.

    This is a movie to laugh your ass off to, and as a child you find yourself laughing at things but as an adult the jokes come harder, faster, and you get more of them. While Hulk Hogan may be a little dated, hearing a line like the Casablanca joke (making Clamp a lo of Trump and also a lot of Ted Turner), or the Brainy Gremlin voiced by Tony Randall make mention of Susan Sontag, or the references to the musical Dames and what exactly the movie is that the gremlins sneak into the theater that breaks the 4th wall of the whole movie itself (naked volleyball!) makes this a real treat and a half.

    Hell, just the scene with the Canadian restaurant (with a chocolate Moose cake!) is a laugh riot, but there's many more scenes where the comedy is with gag after gag after gag. And through all of this you got the return of some of the original cast, with Cates and Miller being most welcome, and John Glover giving a legitimately wonderful performance (comic, but with some humanity) in this time when a Trump mogul seemed... innocent by today's standards.

    Oh, and Gizmo turning into Rambo... I'm slayed.