• David Tucker (Matt McCoy) and Jay Bostwick (Tom Villard) are NYC roommates. Tucker is a buttoned-up conservative neat lawyer with girlfriend Claudia (Stepfanie Kramer). Bostwick is flaky selling outlandish products and dating kindergarten teacher Beth Sorenson (Bonnie Urseth). Tucker wants to hire a live-in maid. Bostwick resists until Mickey McKenzie (Teri Copley) shows up for the interview. It's basically a 5-person sitcom which barely lasted the full season. It returned years later with Villard and Copley. They got a new Tucker and added some neighbors. The second season does even worst.

    The biggest selling point for the show is Teri Copley. She's hot. She's a cross between Marilyn Monroe and Chrissy Snow except not quite as dumb. She has a sweet innocence and is easy on the eyes. I actually like the pilot. That episode is a fun screwball comedy that sets up the five characters. The situation is ridiculous but that's 80s TV. The show never gets better beyond that. It takes a long decline until the network gave up on the show. I do remember it returned years later for a second season. Honestly, I don't remember any of those episodes, at least nothing good. I'm not going to downgrade the show any further for a season I literally forgot.

    The problem is that the show stayed static. It rarely got funny after the pilot and sometimes it's awkwardly campy. Mickey is the center of almost every episode but neither guy could ever approach her sexually. The relationships between these characters are stuck. They have nowhere to go. The show needs to move off Mickey and add a neighbor for Mickey to flirt with. She becomes an object of desire for non of the regulars. Villard is a fun presence and he played those goofy characters well. I have no complaints about McCoy and Urseth is fun. On the other hand, Stepfanie Kramer does one note. I'm glad she eventually found her role in something less comedic.